Wales for Beginners presents the results of research for and during the Wales Study Tour, Sept. 4 - 12, 1999.
How intensely do people living in Wales actually identify with Wales and textbook things Welsh, nonconformist chapels, male voice choirs, rugby? We looked at "inner" and "outer" Wales and the country's demografic, infrastructural and geographic diversity and other divisions to be able to describe and understand the difficult background of devolution and cultural diversity in a small country.
Richard Stinshoff: The Matter of Wales; Cynulliad Cenedlaethol Cymru - The National Assembly for Wales
Kai Geffken, Jens Kahrs: Crown Lodge; Life and Leasure in Harlech; Millennium Stadium and RWC 99; Rugby in Wales
Daniela Hillmer: Welch Christian Churches
Jakob F. Dittmar: Menai Strait Bridges; Harlech; Marketing of Old Buildings and Gentrification; Cardiff; Cardiff Civic Centre; Heritage Debate; Tower Mining Company
Swaana Franke: Agriculture in Wales; Wales - Country of Patterned Sheep
Claudia Demandt: Antwr Dwyryd Llyn; Cardiff Bay Development Agency
Anne Richert, Brigitte Kröger, Alexa Feßner: Education - Bore da
Gabi Heinsohn: Snowdonia National Park; Ffeistiniog Narrow Gauge Railway
Katharina Lucas, Peter Rechtien: Castles in Wales
Dittmar, Geffken, Kahrs: Les 24 Heures de Wales
Ines Hansla: The Welsh Language - History and Present State

Jakob F. Dittmar (Hrsg.): Wales for Beginners
Oldenburg: Im Selbstverlag der Anglistik der Carl von Ossietzky-Universität, 2000, 102 S., zahlr. Abb., br.