Image-composing and narrative function of individual elements in sequential images and their interrelation (interaction), also character design and sequential storytelling. Narrative strategies and properties in comics (including information comics like assembly instructions and manuals, storyboards, etc.) in computer games, films and audio plays.

Linked to the above is my artistic research: I experiment on formal options in comics storytelling. Really good ones are published with my own New Smallprint Press.

Puppetry: Character design in puppets and puppetry performances. Various performances with different puppets, one won me the "Brückenturney" der Schlaraffia Flensburgia and Schlaraffia Malmöhus in Flensburg in September 2014. Here is a link to another one.

Game and Play: boardgames, roleplays, videogames, etc. What turns an activity into a game, and what makes a game a good game?
Amongst other issues: Online-computergames as social platforms or places. E.g computergames can be social and parasocial places that become used for social interaction that relates to the lives of the gamers outside the game itself, and independent of geographical places. Gender- and age-specific uses, competences and dependencies are influential, of course.

Religions and their representation in mass-media. References to religions and belief-systems are used as one of the most basic building-blocks for stereotypes, supposedly illustrating social inclusion and exclusion. References to religions are used in public debate for all kinds of purposes, some of these I discussed in a paper on "Defenders of Faith - Multi-Faith-Confessions between Political Tool and Religious Inclusion" at the Annual Conference of the German Association for the Study of British Cultures, Carl-von-Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg in 2008.

Violence and prevention of violence: representations of violence and related agency of mass-media. Narrative and social contexts of reporting on violence-related issues allows for deduction of media-production-related interests and conditions that hinder or support addressing violence and violence-prevention (see Galtung and Ruge, and so many others since).

Risk communication - aesthetic representations of risks and dangers. Research project with Immanuel Chi, Pforzheim, focussing on the design of information on dangers and risks, for the prevention of accidents etc.

Ideas of "Countryside", landscape, living in the country, and its medial representations / constructions.
The focus with this issue is on cultural images and values that refer to or build on this theme - most central is the way it is coded in visual media: how are landscaps constructed in individual media and what meanings are ascribed to landscapes. For mapping and photography a introductory discussion is presented in my paper "Landschaftsabbildungen - Landschaftskonstruktionen in Landkarten und Fotografien" (in German) published in "Literaturen Medien Grenzgänge", 2013.

Signs and their use, with an emphasis on the changing meaning of signs that results from their use (Semiosis).
Of bigger interest to me are the uses of signs for the expression of cultural identity. This can be researched by looking on all kinds of signs, I started to look into Welsh lovespoons and Clustnodau, a system of earmarks on sheep that allows to allocate free-roaming individual sheep to their farms.

Conservation, Heritage, Town Planning and Re-building Cities.
The constant change of the built environment, mainly of urban space, is a central aspect of my Master thesis and my PhD-thesis. Related questions are official and non-official designs and interventions into public space, using amongst others, but of primary interest to me, En-Passant-Media.
A summary of my MA-thesis on the re-vitalisation of Manchester-Castlefield (ending with 1998/1999) can be downloaded here
as pdf-file in German and in English.

Research on the cultural history of ships and shipping in co-operation with Dr. Jens-Ulrich Davids, Carl von Ossietzky-Universität Oldenburg.
Themes are amongst others the ship as micro-cosm, constructions of the ship and of shipping in the collective and cultural memory, e.g. in re-constructions and re-enactments of historic sea-journeys. Also researching into the representation of maritime stereotypes, of working- and living conditions at sea. (Several joint and individual papers published.)

Edition Leipzig: Producing books in GDR and FRG
planning and executing, chairing of conference on 15. + 16.02.2008 at TU Berlin. Including presentations by Elmar Faber, Eckhard Hollmann and Volker Küster. Planning and execution of accompanying exhibition which was generously supported by Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Unter den Linden.

Supporting Clemens Schwender in planning and setting up an exhibition on Robinson Crusoe at Weißenfels: "Robinson in Weißenfels" which was exhibited at Weißenfels, Kornwestheim und Leipzig (2003 + 2004)

Adorno's (and Horkheimer's): "The Culture Industry: Enlightenment as Mass Deception" - transmedialisation of crucial statements from the text for a homepage (2004) ""

Fabrikmuseum Delmenhorst, opening and curating the foto-exhibition by Richard Grassick "People of the Hills - Englands industrielle Wildnis" (02 + 03/1999)