Outside university, I participate in project development and productions in various media, even blended media. I develop and produce puppets in comission and for own projects, councel on character design and help with story-development for all kinds of media-formats. Also, councelling on strategic media usage and on public relations can be arranged for to a limited extent.

Part of these productions have turned out to be artistic research while other projects and productions are simply media productions without research-implication. My work combines experiences from various crafts and practices (drama, puppet theatre, stage design, model building, film and photography, graphic design, carpentry and plumbing, of course) with my academic background.

Academic qualifications:

studies in various subjects at Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg and Exeter University after passing standard communal schools,
Magister Artium (comparable approx. to 2 yr. MA) in British Studies and Protestant Religion at Oldenburg University. The specific approach to British Studies there and Detlef Hoffmann's inclusive take on art history have influenced me much.

PhD in Science of Arts at the Institute of Arts and Design at Universität Gesamthochschule Essen.
Venia legendi & facultas docendi / assoc. prof. in Media studies at TU Berlin.
Docent / assoc. prof. and senior lecturer in media and communication studies at Malmö University.


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